Australian Market outlook - Looking ahead to 2013

Here’s our outlook for four key components of the Australian market and how they could impact you, your lifestyle and the decisions you make in the year ahead.

This year’s report highlights six key themes that our strategist team believe will have the greatest impact on markets and asset returns in 2013:

Australia: Better than elsewhere but facing headwinds

There are two perspectives on the outlook for Australia in 2012.

Investors face an escalating crisis in Europe and slowdowns in the United States, Australia and China. Making it worse, this unsettling outlook follows a period of poor investment returns. Share markets are plunging once more and government bond yields in Australia and the United States are hitting record lows. Andrew Pease, Chief Investment Strategist, Asia Pacific, reveals why equities will bounce back.

Different asset classes – like shares, bonds and property securities – carry different levels of risk and return. Investing in a single asset class is risky when you consider no one asset class consistently outperforms on a regular basis.

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